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The letters turned out great! Nothing but compliments. I really appreciate the fast turnaround, the super craftsmanship and careful packaging. I could never have made a letter this well crafted and smooth with just urethane alone, or have done it this cost effectively. Thanks again, Gold Leaf Letters

Mike Lewis

Signworks of the Black Hills

Custer, SD

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Gold Leaf Signs for Development Projects, Subdivisions, & More

We probably make more gold leaf letters for commercial and residential development projects than any other category of our sales. The reason for this is simple. Smart developers understand the value of entry features. A project's entry features are the most controllable part of a project's success. To put it another way, superior entry feature versus equal price point will win by a landslide every time.

Recently, a development consultant told Gold Leaf Letters that he would not work with a client who wasn't prepared to spend serious money on entry features like a subdivision sign. He said that if a potential buyer was dazzled by the entry, he was already thinking of what his parents, friends, and colleagues would think when they came to visit.

How to make Gold Leaf Letters fit into this? Take a look at the signs in the gallery below. We can put the "dazzle" in dazzling.

We can work with your designer, architect, or sign professional to make your development's entry the best it can be, or we can help you find a sign professional in your area who can assist you with design, permit, and installation issues.

Please remember that the beautiful gold leaf letters and graphics will take 3 to 4 weeks to produce. So, don't wait until the last minute. Let us help you make your development project or subdivision sign a success. Contact Gold Leaf Letters today, and get a free quote on your next gold leaf sign project.