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The letters turned out great! Nothing but compliments. I really appreciate the fast turnaround, the super craftsmanship and careful packaging. I could never have made a letter this well crafted and smooth with just urethane alone, or have done it this cost effectively. Thanks again, Gold Leaf Letters

Mike Lewis

Signworks of the Black Hills

Custer, SD

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Profile: Mike Facemire, Port Richey, Florida

I got started in the sign business in 1982. Computers were just coming on the scene, but I didn't get one until 1987. I count that as a blessing. I learned how to do layout and lettering traditionally, and I think that gives you an edge. You really had to learn how letters worked and how to space them. I think that develops your eye in a way that the computer doesn't.


Put the power of gold leaf to work on your signs

Gold is a natural marvel. It has many properties that make it unique. First and foremost, it is the most light reflective substance in the world. This is the factor that makes gold so popular and so valuable. Everyone likes the beauty of gold, but few understand why. If you are wearing a gold band on your finger, sit in a room with very subdued light. After your eyes acclimate, look at your ring and notice that it is reflecting whatever light there is. Polished brass will do the same, but not to the same degree, and of course, brass will tarnish, where gold, a noble metal, will not.