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The letters turned out great! Nothing but compliments. I really appreciate the fast turnaround, the super craftsmanship and careful packaging. I could never have made a letter this well crafted and smooth with just urethane alone, or have done it this cost effectively. Thanks again, Gold Leaf Letters

Mike Lewis

Signworks of the Black Hills

Custer, SD

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Municipal Signs

Gold Leaf Signage for Municipal Buildings, Town Signs, & More

Why are gilded letters so special on municipal buildings? The most important reason is that gold is the most light reflective substance in the world. Look at some of the examples of our gold leaf municipal signs, and see how there is a constant transition of highlight and shadows. This can be seen even if the lettering is in the shade. The look changes all day and from every angle that it is viewed. That is why it is so interesting to the eye and cannot be ignored.

Welcome to your new Gold Leaf Municipal Sign!

A popular item in the category is the "Welcome to ..." type of gold leaf municipal sign. The use of gilded letters is a great way to show that your community is a great place to be! They show that you are a friendly town and are eager to share what you love about your home with others. Gold leaf lettering on municipal buildings such as libraries, recreation centers, and city halls tell witnesses that they are in classy place. A gold leaf municipal sign gives off the impression that your town is run in a professional manner and you are proud of it.

Contact Gold Leaf Letters today, and let us help you get the message out about your wonderful part of the world with an exquisite gold leaf municipal sign.