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The letters turned out great! Nothing but compliments. I really appreciate the fast turnaround, the super craftsmanship and careful packaging. I could never have made a letter this well crafted and smooth with just urethane alone, or have done it this cost effectively. Thanks again, Gold Leaf Letters

Mike Lewis

Signworks of the Black Hills

Custer, SD

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Stock Gold Leaf Letters

Our stock gold leaf letters are plastic and are made by Gemini, Inc., the largest manufacturer of plastic letters in the world. They produce many type styles and a variety of sizes within each style. We recommend round faced or beveled types, because they are the profiles that display the gold best and allow it to define the shape and dazzle the eye. These styles and available sizes are shown below, as well as upper and lower copy.

If you can work with our stock letters, your gold leaf project will be less expensive, but the planning of the job will require professional help. The idea is to fit the desired letters into a certain area. If you area is unlimited, then there is no problem. If your area is a sign panel, then planning is required. We can help you find the help you need if you are not already working with a commercial sign professional.

All the gold leaf letters that we produce, whether stock or custom, are dimensional, hollow, plastic letters. Typically, they are mounted with a combination of studs and pads but can be mounted with pads and adhesive. Most commercial sign companies have worked with Gemini Inc. and understand the procedures. Through the years, we have come up with creative solutions for such things as installations on curved walls or irregular stone walls. We, of course, supply mounting patters as well as the required hardware with every job.

We've seen it all, and we are sure that we can help with whatever your gold leaf sign installation problems might be.

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